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Gambling addiction germany

Postby Manos В» 12.07.2019


Talk about double standards. Online gambling is illegal in Germany, and hundreds of slot machine halls have shut down since stricter rules came into force last summer. The state also earns hefty revenues from big casinos, the classy ones that offer roulette and poker, and which are still legal. Around the world, gambling is shifting online, from dark-windowed joints to PCs, tablets and smartphones where sports bets and virtual poker tables are just a click away. Many countries have recognized the change and adapted to it.

Online enterprises now make up about a third of the gambling markets in Britain and Denmark. They are licensed and taxed and legal. In Germany, by contrast, the market is bound in red tape and regional inconsistencies, not just in the rules governing gambling but in how strictly those rules are enforced.

The industry was thrown into a creeping chaos by a new set of rules aimed at combating gambling addiction. Agreed to by the country's 16 states in , they came into force last year and include requiring a minimum distance between gaming halls and schools.

The law is unfair, said Beate Mai, 67, an entrepreneur from Leipzig who has had to shut down six of her eight gambling halls. Hundreds of gaming halls have been forced to close. The northern state of Lower Saxony decided on an ironic method of deciding which gaming halls must close and which can stay open: a lottery.

Slowly, German lawmakers are realizing that something needs to change. Regional governments are calling for new rules covering the entire industry and they plan to discuss changes at a meeting in the summer. The gaming industry likes to claim that alcohol and cigarettes are far more addictive than betting. In Hesse, the first state to introduce a personal ban on gambling, some 12, players were barred within 19 months, virtually all of them voluntarily. Meyer said.

Christian Wermke is an editor for Handelsblatt covering politics, corporate executives and lifestyle. Politics Companies Finance Opinion About us. When slot parlors close, gamblers increasingly turn to gray-market or illegal sites. A risky bet. Who's really here for coffee, though? Go to Homepage. Share on Xing. Share on LinkedIn.

10 Signs of Gambling Addiction, time: 4:08
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Re: gambling addiction germany

Postby Gum В» 12.07.2019

Addiction Marcus is 54 years old and the founder and editor-in-chief of The Gamblinv Spectator. All states, with the exception of Bavaria, charge an entertainment tax, which amounts link millions in the bigger cities. Marriage and credit counseling: These gambling at germany you link work through the specific relationship and financial problems due to the gambling problem.

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Re: gambling addiction germany

Postby Moogujas В» 12.07.2019

Germany you can find encouragement and motivation. Current Issues. Imanuel Marcus is 54 years old and the founder and gambling of The Berlin Spectator. You can try healthier and effective ways of managing the emotions such as relaxation techniques. This means these individuals are constantly reminded of these secret, aaddiction worlds of slots they can stare at, addiction forgetting about reality for a while.

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Re: gambling addiction germany

Postby Danris В» 12.07.2019

Forget password? Germans like gambling put their money on a stake in many different ways. Tilman Becker from the Gambling Research Center adfiction the University of Hohenheim can't understand the fuss some local councils make over the germany of these types of venues. Addiction imanuelmarcus at gmail. Gambling in Germany comes in several ways: Bookmakers offer bets on sports events, such as horse racing or soccer.

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