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Smartboard games download

Postby Goltigami В» 13.05.2019


The following links are to websites that have a variety of Smart Notebook games and Smart Notebook lessons. Smart Notebook is software that allows you to create and display interactive lessons, games and activities. The Smart Exchange Smart Notebook — The Smart Exchange is a great place to locate Smartboard lesson plans for use with a Smarboard and to connect with and to share with other teachers. The searchable database is divided by subject and grade level to aid in finding the perfect activity for any classroom.

Scholastic — Great Activities and Games — Scholastic provides the perfect Smart Notebook Lessons to use with any interactive whiteboard on this website. Scholastic Earth Day Lessons — Interactive Smartboard lessons provided by Scholastic on this website are perfect to reinforce the concepts of reduce, reuse, and recycle to students of all ages. These lessons have been created and tested in classrooms so they are ready for you to use.

Scholastic Math Notebook Lessons — Interactive whiteboard lessons created by teachers and for teachers are provided on this Scholastic website.

States of matter, perimeter, and area are just a few of the concepts ready for use in your classroom. Scholastic Lessons — Scholastic provides some useful activities for the interactive Smartboard whiteboard.

Simple SMART Board Activities, time: 15:57
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Re: smartboard games download

Postby Kajik В» 13.05.2019

Practice x10 multiplication tables with this fun, colorful game. IWB teachers view collections, online exhibits, and games. SongsInteractive WhiteboardPrintables. May be better for self-study rather than IWB use.

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Re: smartboard games download

Postby Doran В» 13.05.2019

Interactive: Notebook: Winter Olympics - Crossword. How many body parts? Review basic addition with this soccer-themed board game. Student learn about fractions with shapes that are divided into equal parts. A fun game worth trying with students is Regrouping.

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